Monday, October 4, 2010

Spoken Words

Call me by Shihan

"I think this belongs to you
her arms extend returning the stone
she stole from my heart
which use to pump passion.
No wonder she doesn't recognize me
she must not remember
or she must want me to forget.
Everyday I wonder what she is doing
but how can I love you so much
when you take your love away from me?
You know some people kill for love
and some people kill the love.
I think that's you, you feel me?
I wish I knew how to not love you
because missing you is like a little death
and each time I miss you a piece of me dies inside.
But I can't put this on you, so I put it on paper.
I mean it's not like we can run through the daisies
and watch the credits roll by
but I can still love you, and love us, and love the idea.
I can't hold on, so I leave your life.
But always know you can call me
whenever you need to hear…
I love you."

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