Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My DIY belt

I used some plyers to take off the metal piece of the hair clip and glued it onto the elastic band. And what do you know.. I have a belt!
My result!

Monday, September 28, 2009

My summer dress

I was in Fabricland and picked up this really pretty fabric. It reminded me of a Summer dress.. So I decided to make one :)

My result...

I LOVE IT! I know I know.. Summer is over but who cares! I can always wear it next summer or on my next vacay.

I had extra material left over so I made a cute tube top.

Coffee break

Today's Thrift buys:

This cool leather vest. I'll probably change up the buttons. Can't wait to rock it! Price $7.99
The leather skirt is bit big so I'll take it in. Can't go wrong with a leather skirt. Price $9.99

Can you tell I love leather? :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tribal dress

I went to the Thrift store and came across this size 14 dress with a really cool print that reminded me of my F21 tribal dress so I decided to make my own.
(My F21 dress)
I had left over black elastic and found a beater in my drawer.

My result..
My niece modeled for the pictures. She looked so cute in it so I let her have it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first project

I wanted to make something easy for my first project so I decided to go with a skirt.I bought this size 16 dress from the Thrift store because I liked the funky print on it.
I traced my own pattern of a shorter high waisted skirt and went to town!

After 2 hours of hard work this is my result...

I'm so excited about my new skirt! It feels so great to accomplish something and I really enjoy sewing. Can't wait to make something else!

Graphic tee's

Graphic tee's are defentley my thang. I like anything crazy and bold especially right on your chest. I have everything from: Bob, MJ, Obama, Prince, Blondie, Jimmy, Easy-e, Kiss, Aerosmith and to add to the collection this fierce Grace Jones tee.

Coffee break

My coffee break ritual: Get a nice cup of coffee, read a couple magazines and hit up the Thrift store!

Todays Thrift store buys:
The black vest fits perfect and the buttons are cool. $5.99
The skirt is really old school.. but old school is what I love. I think I'll hem it to make it shorter. $3.99

My latest favorite purchase..

My sewing machine!

I bought this bad boy at a second hand store and instantly fell in love! I haven't sewn a thing in my life but I've always wanted to learn. I brought my machine over to my Aunt's who is the 'sewing queen' and she taught me the basics of sewing and showed me how to use my machine. I started off by making simple projects like a heating bag and apron. They turned out alright :)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Lately I've been obsessed with looking at style blogs so I've decided to put that time into making one of my own. I've been inspired by so many style blogs and I love the idea of people sharing their style, ideas and tips.