Friday, November 5, 2010


I thought I would share because this is hilarious. Today at work my co-worker literally Punk'd me. For people who don't know what an "N" is.. In BC if your are a new driver you must have a green N on the back of your car, well not I because mine always gets stolen or I forget to put it on my car. Anyways, I received this letter today from ICBC (insurance company of BC) stating:

Dear Ms. Chandler,

You have violated Section 7.9 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Please consider this a warning. If you continue to drive around without your "N" we will take away your license for 3 years. This would make your booty calls extra difficult to get to. You may have to consider taking of the following types of transportation:

1. Skytrain
2. Bus
3. Bicycle
4. Skateboard
5. Your own damn feet

Please do not underestimate us, we are watching you. We have included another "N" for you. In the future please be more responsible and for god sake get your act together. And start listening to your father.

I was like WTF is this?! She got me good, real good!

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